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Welcome to www.foodcommodities.nl



A chef needs to have both practical and theoretical knowledge. In your training the base of that theoretical and practical knowledge is founded. This website will help you gather the right information and knowledge you might need in your school and professional career.

This website deals with the topic of Food Commodities. This website is meant for students that are training to be professional chefs or managers in the hospitality trade. Students that want and have to know how they should and may use ingredients and food commodities. As professionals we need to have this knowledge because we prepare food for guests and therefore we have to comply with a number of regulations

You will discover in your training that every kitchen is different. From a professional chef can be expected that he or she can maintain themselves in the different kitchen formulas. Make sure you become such a chef, so that you can start a beautiful career in the hospitality trade.

II hope this website will help in gathering the knowledge you need to become one of those professionals.

Have fun in the hospitality trade





For every topic on this website there is an interactive quiz available. Test yourself on your acquired knowledge in the quiz portal

PowerPoint Lessons
View the PowerPoint lessons that are available for every topic. Review the theory given in class or make sure you are up to date in case you should have missed any classes

Video Portal
This section is still under construction but soon it will be available to see videos on all Food Commodities Topics